Commercial & Residential Water Treatment

Restoring Natural Purity to Your Water

T. Walls Plumbing can help restore fresh, healthy drinking water to your home or business. There are many companies that would lead you to believe that their system for cleaning water is superior to other manufacturers. Truth is, you’re often paying much more for a system that uses the same technology that a more affordable system can provide. At T. Walls Plumbing , we’re committed to giving you the same great water those other guys promise but at a reasonable price.

Clean, Pure Water Shouldn’t Be a Luxury

Fresh, clean water is important to everyday life. We use it to wash our clothing, dishes and bodies, and to keep ourselves hydrated. Minimal health standards are changing and levels of contaminates in your water, that were once acceptable, are now a serious issue. There are many variations of possible issues which can affect your water system and can be very harmful. Poor water may make your water taste and/or smell bad and it may not clean as it should. If you notice your dishes, clothes, toilets, showers or sinks don’t seem to come clean, or if your hair and skin are dry and itchy, it’s probably time to consider installing a water treatment system. We have the solution for your water issues, whether you have a private well or use city water. Call us today for more information on our residential and commercial water treatment systems.

Cleaner, Healthier Water.

Here are some common problem water issues. If any sound familiar, we can help!

  • Dry skin and hair
  • Scale and soap scum
  • Spotting on dishes and glassware
  • Damage to water fixtures
  • Iron stains on clothing/ Linens
  • Damage to plumbing
  • Water smells like rotten eggs
  • Water has metallic taste
  • Water tastes earthy or fishy
  • Stains inside toilet tank/ fixtures
  • Water looks cloudy or discolored
  • Water has sand or dirt in it

Don’t pay more for the same technology.

  • Softners
  • Iron Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Designer Reverse Osmosis Faucets
  • Filtration Products
  • Specialty Filters
  • City Soft Water Conditioners
  • Water Testing and Analysis
  • Sulfur Removal
  • Tannin Removal
  • Nitrate Removal
  • Arsenic Removal

Tyler provides the highest caliber water conditioning service in this region. He understands the science behind water conditioning. He is able to clearly and concisely articulate what currently is not working, why it is not working, and how it can be resolved. He returned my calls much sooner than I expected, and he took a genuine interest in “getting it right” as evidenced by his follow-up calls to make sure everything was working properly and to my satisfaction. Because of T. Walls Plumbing, Inc, my water is the cleanest, clearest, and softest it has ever been! Thank you, Tyler. Sign me up as a lifetime customer!
– Paul

Very professional and excellent work … highly recommended !!! I will definitely use him again it the future !!!
– Scott

Tyler exemplifies the highest caliber of service and professionalism in the plumbing industry. He possesses and is able to clearly communicate a thorough knowledge of water treatment processes and products. He always returned my calls in a timely manner, and he conducted follow-up water testing to ensure that the new system was working properly. The water in my home is the cleanest, clearest, and softest it has ever been! Thanks, Tyler, for the outstanding service!
– Paul

Tyler was on time, on bid and got back to me, when he said he was going to. I will continue to use Tyler Walls and T. Walls Plumbing.
– Troy

Did any awesome job.
– Trent

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